Keynote Speakers: 

The main objective is to highlight transcendental issues for the non-profit sector regarding the institutional strengthening of Civil Society Organizations. The lectures will be held with special guests of recognized national and international prestige.


The panelists will depict the work presented by the researchers from the social and non-profit sector, managers of civil society organizations, among others. The participation of each panelist will be between 60 and 90 minutes for the purposes of the logistics of the event itself. The panelists will be established during the 2 days of the congress according to the work presented. Each panel will have a Moderator.


The workshops are continuing education activities that combine learning and teaching strategies. Attendees will learn new skills to perform certain work activities, and promote discussion and reflection that improve their individual abilities. With these, a boost is expected in the professional capacities of the attendants. The participation of at least 20 people is estimated for each workshop.

Interactive Activities:

The Interactive Activities were selected around the determined needs of the sector in terms of institutional strengthening. Each activity has an entertaining and reflective learning plan, on the facts and concepts used in the present sector. They will also enhance the communicative and expository capacities of the attendees regarding their projects and organizational initiatives. The participation of at least 20 people is estimated for each workshop.



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