The objetive of the Binational Congress is to provide Civil Society Organizations systematic opportunities in the development of their organizational capacities through collaborative binational networks. This collaboration will include sharing and learning from best practices between the organizations while fostering a spaces for debate, multidisciplinary approaches and sectorial stimulation. This will produce more effective and efficent social impacts within initiatives in favor of the positive transformation in the border regions of both countries.

We thank Civil Society Organization´s representatives and collaborators for their interest and we hope to have you valued participation.

The present document is directed to:
  • Professionals from the non-profit sector in Mexico and the United States.
  • Civil Society Organizations dedicated to resolving specific social problems in border areas of Mexico and the United States and that have a focus in Violence Prevention, Access to Justice and safeguarding and promoting Human Rights in topics such as:
    • Freedom of expression
    • Protection of human rights defenders, activists and journalists
    • Care for victims
    • Serious Human Rights Violations, including:
    • Forced disappearances
    • Torture
    • Extrajudicial executions
    • Feminicides
  • Organizations legally constituted under Mexican and US laws, which are not for profit, nor for partisan, political-electoral or religious proselytizing.



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