Within the Civil Society Program framework of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the present Binational Congress was designed as a way of generating opportunities for meeting and establishing introspective exercises on the daily activities of the non-profit sector within the border regions of Mexico and United States.
It is assumed that this is how solutions are built and can generate lasting supportive networks on mutual interests. This happens in favor of the direct beneficiaries of each organization and by focusing on the actions of the different areas of knowledge that fit within the scope of daily work of non-profit organizations from both countries.

ORT Organization of Mexico, I.A.P. through its ORT University of Mexico program, it is a higher education institution dedicated to promoting and strengthening the social sector through the training of committed and competent professionals in the areas of Social Corporate Responsibility and Leadership.

Tijuana Innovadora, is a platform that promotes the development of citizenship while creating a sense of belonging that integrates the Tijuana society - a collective and binational effort that spreads positive change through its great city.

US-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership (BPP), is a binational membership organization whose mission is to support a network of organizations that build prosperity through leadership, collaboration and philanthropy in the border region between Mexico and the US, strengthening organizations that actively work to build prosperity, equity and opportunity on both sides of the border.

These three initiatives are joining efforts to provide Civil Society Organizations in Mexico and the United States, a meeting space between Mexico and the United States. The focus of this initiative is to provide institutional strengthening and creating change on both sides of the border and in their perspective countries.



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